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wrSchool-3 (6)

“Karla is a consummate storyteller with a strong sense of character and connection with the Audience..”     Wendy Gourley, Artistic Director of Timpanogos Storytelling Conference.

Types of Stories Karla Tells
Interactive, Audience Participation Tales
Stories with Music
Personal Tales
Family Tales
Multi-Cultural Tales
Historical Tales
Stories with Puppetry

“I have seen many performances and assemblies in my 30 year career as a teacher, but very few have been as entertaining and rewarding as the storytelling presentations I have seen Karla Huntsman give. Denise Stoehr Instructional Coach, Someerset Academy.   Nigerian folk song “Funga Alafia” with Rochelle Hooks

Storytelling Workshops:

  • Fire and Light—Improv for Storytellers
  • Sensationally Successful Methods for  Accessing your Storytelling Potential
  • So, what can you do with your Voice?
  • Storytelling for Teachers
  • Puppetry with Story